The Planet Sun and Vedic Astrology

The Sun represents the luminary energy and the life force to maintain life force in the world. It is the life-giving force to shake things up with its profound energy. According to a Vedic astrologer in UK, the Sun signifies the soul and also it is representative of the outer self of everyone. The sun’s energy enables every person to get certain characteristics which make him different from others. The planet is also believed to bestow vigour and energy to overcome the challenges in everyday life. 

The Sun and the Associated Astronomical Facts 

The Sun, the largest celestial body, continues to be at the centre of the solar system. Hydrogen and helium make up the vast majority of the planetary body. The planet is 149 million kilometres away from Earth. Even though the planet is so far away from Earth, it nonetheless has a more significant impact on it than any other planet in the universe. The planet never goes into retrograde motion because it stays in a stationary position.

Every planet and astronomical body on Earth revolves around the Sun. According to the popular astrological beliefs in Vedic astrology, The Sun remains for one month in every zodiac sign. During that period, it creates the strongest influence on the planet. It takes a year to complete the creation of influence on the 12 zodiac signs. 

Astrological Facts about the Sun 

The following are the popular astrological beliefs regarding the Sun according to the practitioners of Vedic astrology. 

  • Direction: East

  • Metal: Gold

  • Transit in each sign: 1 month

  • Day: Sunday

  • Gem: Ruby

  • Colour: Orange  

  • Gender: Male

  • Temperament: Hot

  • Ruling body parts: Head, hair, heart, eyes, and bones

  • Friends: Moon, Mars, Jupiter

  • Enemies: Saturn, Venus

  • Neutral: Mercury

  • Exalted in: Aries 10 Degree

  • Debilitated in: Libra 10 Degree

  • Own sign: Leo 

  • Mahadasha Period: 6 years

  • Mool Trikon: Leo 20 Degree

  • Professions: Government professionals, physicians, politicians, medicines, gold, copper, wheat, and ruby-related businesses.

  •  Relation: Father

Astrological Significance of the Sun 

In Vedic astrology, The Sun is considered the king that is at the centre of the Universe and controls it. The planet is often regarded as our natural fatter and represents the masculine force. As it is the king of the ruling planet governance and authority are associated with the Sun. It bliss the natives to be ambitious, optimistic and full of positive will to overcome challenges and attain a blissful life. 

It is also symbolic of royalty and has a ruling position on the Earth, unlike other planetary bodies. The Sun is also representative of good health and well-being. The natives with a strong planetary position of the Sun often have strong characteristics and get higher positions in life. Besides, the persons are believed to share a cordial relationship with their fathers. These natives are optimistic and understanding people. 

The Weak Position of the Sun in the Zodiac 

The natives who have a weak position of the Sun on their zodiacs or decreased influence of the Sun for any malefic planet can be negatively influenced by the Sun. These people may face severe difficulties in life, are infirm and may face issues in family relationships. A weak position of the Sun may also lead to several health problems. 

If the native has a weak Sun position on his zodiac, he can be affected by headaches, weak eyesight, baldness, bone weakness, blood circulation-related problems, and heart problems. The weak position of the planet may also result in indecisiveness and loss of energy in the native. However, a too-strong position of the planet is also adverse. It leads to an aggressive personality and such people are domineering and self-centred. 

How to Get the Blessing of the Sun

The following are the astrological remedies to strengthen the position of the Sun and get the planet’s blessings.

  • Worship the Sun every Sunday after taking a bath. Offer prayers to him to get positive influences on the planet.

  • Wearing A Ruby gemstone is also an effective remedy to get the positive energy of the Sun.

  • Recitation of the Aditya Hridya Strota every Sunday is also an effective remedy according to astrologers. 

  • Keep fast on Sundays to please the Sun god and gain the Sun’s spirit.

  • Wearing 1 Mukhi, 3 Mukhi or 12 Mukhi Rudraksha is also considered beneficial to attain the power of the Sun. 


Therefore, the Sun plays the most crucial role in influencing everyone’s life. With its immense energy, the planet restores vigour and positive energy to achieve a blissful life. Contact the reputed astrologer in London to get more information about the planet's influences and astrological remedies to improve the position of the Sun.

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