Best Courses in Telecommunication Certification

Telecommunication refers to the transmission of data/ exchange of information through electronic means(voice, video, and data) over significant distances.

Over the past few decades, the telecom industry has hit a boom in the market. From field technicians to service providers, telecommunication has it all. For applying to the same job roles, these certifications can always serve as a plus point for applying to the same job roles. And if you are a professional, these courses in telecommunication will not only broaden your skillset but will also help you achieve higher positions in job roles. 

Certifications in Telecommunication

These courses in certifications not only enhance your knowledge but also provides a benchmark to gauge your qualifications.

One can also keep themselves updated with the latest telecommunication technologies as a field technician or service provider. There are various courses in telecommunication that one can pursue. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Certified Telecommunication Network Specialist(CTNS)

The CTNS is an internationally recognized certification that is then treated as the core certification in the telecommunication industry. It builds the knowledge required in the telecom world today.

The courses teach all about telecom networks' underlying concepts and how they all fit together. The CTNS certification can be achieved by passing 8 individual course exams.

  1. Certified Telecommunications Subject Matter Expert(CTSME)

CTSME is one of the most diversified courses in telecommunication, including telecom, datacom, networking, wireless, VoIP, and SIP training.

Completing these 5 individual courses will demonstrate that one has knowledge and expertise in all aspects of telecommunication.

Completing the CTSME certification makes one eligible for higher-level analysis, planning, and designing job roles that pay more than the usual ones.

  1. Certified Telecommunications Analyst(CTA)

This TCO Certified Telecommunications Analyst certification is a comprehensive course in telecommunication that demonstrates deep knowledge about telecom, datacom, and network.

The CTA certification is obtained by clearing the CTA Exam, which comprises 16 individual course exams.

  1. Certified VoIP Analyst(CVA)

The Certified VoIP Analyst certifications include all aspects of Voice over IP. It includes all the different ways in which VoIP is implemented. It covers all the concepts from soft switches to the  Class of Service.

The CVA certification can be obtained by clearing the 6 individual course exams, which provide deep vendor-independent knowledge. 

  1. Certified Wireless Analyst(CWA)

The TCO Certified Wireless Analyst certifications provide the core knowledge required to know all about the wireless network. 

Today’s 4G network architecture, or LTE network architecture, is a wireless network that is currently the biggest architecture used in the telecommunication industry. CWA is a three-individual course certification.


One can obtain many other certifications to pursue various job roles. It also optimizes the job process by attaining various telecommunication framework methods and obtaining role-specific certifications. 

These telecommunication courses are an asset when you are a professional and seeking a higher position, or they can supplement education with little work experience.

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