ID Document Verification Services - A Solution for Businesses to Verify Client Legitimacy

Before technological improvements, companies used in-person interviews or physical documentation to verify their consumers. As the world changes, fraudsters have made places for the identifiers, which in this case were name, address, picture, and birthdate. Significant human mistake rates, inconveniences, and delays are due to manual verification.

Organizations are looking for more sophisticated, secure solutions, like online document verification services. It verifies the data to see watermarks, holograms, and modifications. Businesses won't have to call clients to request physical confirmation using these services. Selfies and screenshots of documents can also be taken with an electronic device.

Online Document Verification Services—Brief Understanding of the Scanning Process

The built-in plate services built-in use artificial intelligence to verify documents online. The system encourages users to upload images of their official identification documents in real-time when they begin the onboarding process after registering. The use of selfies in face recognition is also crucial. The OCR technology extracts data after submission and does confirmation scans. Document verification services quickly extract the findings and show them to the customers. Furthermore, it keeps them in the back office. As a consequence, based on whether the data is accurate and correlates, the consumer gets on boarded or not.

The identifying papers used in this context include ID cards, passports, driving licenses, and card information. When scanning papers, the system checks for indications of fraud or fabrication and rejects the input if it is discovered. Various types of these papers are used by criminals, including:

  1. Stolen Documents

Fraudsters tell lies about their identities in order to commit crimes or commit fraud. They do not legitimately possess fake documents. They do so, though, in order to avoid identity checks.

  1. Fake Documents

These documents are entirely photoshopped. Additionally, they lack distinguishing features such as holograms, watermarks, stamps, and signatures. 

  1. Tempered Documents

To make fake documents appear natural, criminals alter original paperwork in some ways. They either change the writing style, font, or alphabets in the name, birthdate or both. Bypassing the verification procedure in this way allows fraudsters to operate. 

Document Verification Services - Effective Ways to Proof Identity

By verifying documentation, companies may enhance customer satisfaction, prevent fraud, and comply with legal obligations. AI-based solutions provide several benefits for businesses. As a result, since the services don't take very long to authenticate the clients, frequent fraud attempts and breaches won't be a significant issue. The examples in the list below illustrate how digital identity verification helps your business. 

Improve Consumer Experience

According to the PWC survey, a quick and easy process seems to be more important to buyers. Eventually, clients will give up on the process. The most significant risk associated with manual verification is human error. It is a time-consuming process. On the other hand, a system for digitally document verification services expedites identity and the onboarding process. A passport, driver's license, ID card, and address verification are all necessary. Customers may quickly post them utilizing their smartphones and right onto the website. 

Making Sure of KYC/AML Regulations Compliance 

Utilizing digital document verification services, businesses can assist in onboarding remote clients. They are unable to overturn KYC/AML laws, though. Companies can comply and ensure customer onboarding with AI-based services, reducing friction and providing instant results. 

Handle Fake Documents

Verification tools extract information using OCR technology, which is cross-referenced against the database's information. The system also detects any document tampering. Fighting fake identification documents becomes more straightforward as a result. 

Accurate Customer Onboarding with Reduced Risk

Due to the fact that businesses are growing as a result of digitization, they need reliable onboarding support solutions. There were several drawbacks to manual verification, including a lengthy procedure, human error, and low reliability in the identifications. Additionally, a lack of transparency increases customers' likelihood of giving up on the process. Data security and privacy are also guaranteed by digital document verification services. Additionally, it reduces fraud and improves customer experience. 

Removes Geographical Barriers and Restrictions

Gaining a significant number of customers is a business' top priority. Document verification services solutions have removed geographical barriers. The e-commerce sector is growing to serve international customers. Online document verification services are a dependable way to abide by the rules and offer services to clients.

In Short

Digital document verification services happen automatically, following customer document uploads, OCR data extraction, and identity verification. It looks at the information to see if any document tampering has taken place. The riskiest sectors include those in banking, finance, and e-commerce, among others. However, digital solutions are ready to support the actual onboarding process and promote growth. 

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