Facial Verification Services – Beginning of a New Era for Hotels

A passenger coming back from an hours-long flight sees a long time taking checking in to the hotel as redundant time waste. While Airbnb and other such companies are making it easier for travelers to book rooms months prior to their arrival, manual data entry is seen as bringing consequences otherwise. Passengers having to wait for a long time span just to provide identity proof are more likely to drive away. 

Hotels require more than just chip-incorporated cards and fingerprint scanners for unlocking doors. These innovations make it convenient for customers to enter and exit rooms. Similarly, hotels require face verification services to streamline the check-in and identity proofing process. The blog covers ways AI-powered KYC face verification solutions benefit lodges. 

Face Recognition Services for Hotels – Providing Instant and Convenient Check-In

In today's digitally evolving world, customers are preferring touchless services whether they involve online shopping or hotel check-ins. Upon arrival, the representative asks passengers to provide ID documents and ask questions relevant to their identity. However, this process takes a long time and manual entries involve human error that can lead to inaccurate data recording. Moreover, inefficient identity authentication mechanisms further compromise the privacy and security of travelers. 

Integrating face verification services can streamline the hotels’ check-in and data entry process. The incorporation of self-driven kiosks similar to those at airports can limit the need for manual interpretation. Furthermore, AI-powered face scanning tools provide real-time identification while automatically extracting and analyzing features. This way hotel management can focus more on assisting guests while leaving the identity verification to self-driven kiosks.

Face verification services also provide instant unlocking of doors. With AI-powered IDV tools incorporated within them, guests can avail of touchless entrances into their rooms. The next provides further details regarding how face verification services help hotels, lodges, summer houses, and other temporary residence providers:

Identity Verification for Enhancing Security 

Guests’ security is among the most crucial concerns for hotels. After digitizing operations, they can easily store customers’ data to provide seamless check-ins upon their next arrival. However, the lack of efficient face verification systems makes confidential information prone to fraud. This not only compromises the safety of actual customers but also brings both non-compliance risks and reputational damages to the hotel.

AI-powered face verification services authenticate guests by analyzing their distinct biological features. With its technologically advanced tools, hotels can identify criminals even if they are wearing a 2D/3D mask.  provide instantaneous ID validation and check-ins while decreasing data entry errors. Ultimately, face verification services help hotels to enhance security measures while keeping convenience intact. 

Cuts Down Processing Cost

Face verification services provide automated data extraction that speeds up the identification process. Moreover, it cuts down additional costs that hotels have to pay for hiring human verifiers. Similarly, it also provides remote identity verification that involves biometric consent validation to provide guests with direct check-ins. 

The technologically advanced face recognition services help residence providers to reduce miscommunication while building personalized assistance for customers. Ultimately, they can enhance guests’ overall experience.

Ensure Better Hospitality

As regulatory bodies within Spain are mandating hotels to verify customer identity while keeping it up to date in their records. As per the legal standards, residence providers need to submit daily security manifests including details regarding guests staying with their facility. Therefore, to stay put with obligations, hotels need to incorporate efficient face verification services for extracting and storing accurate data. 

The hospitality industry requires AI-powered face scanning solutions to build guests' trust, provide privacy, and ensure compliance with legal obligations. Similarly, it helps provide customers with personalized offers that help hotels gain their loyalty. As 75% of the guests see these as a major attraction, residence providers need to integrate face verification services for further customization of their assistance. 

Frictionless Check-Ins 

Time-consuming check-in processes are sure to drive negative customer experience while resulting in losing loyal customers. However, with AI-powered face verification services in place, hotels can facilitate individuals with remote room booking and identification. 

After account creation, the system using face verification services asks users to upload identity documents and verify them more accurately. Therefore, while reaching the hotel, guests can make their way to rooms without having to provide identity proof at the counter. Similarly, face recognition software companies are providing tech-savvy tools for liveness detection. Hence, hotels can make sure legitimate guests are checking in while making more efforts to provide them with a positive experience. 

In Summation 

Using face verification services for hotel check-ins has its own perks ranging from pricing seamless and touchless identification to improving guests’ experience. Manual identity validation involves various human errors along with chances of inaccurate data-keeping. This can not only expose guests to security risks but also question the integrity of residence providers. AI-powered face recognition services however address concerns of hotels and help them improve their services in a better way. 

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