Business Coaches for Entrepreneurs in Mumbai

We have been  working with best and growing companies (Small and Medium Enterprises) SME  like you. Our app of  “SME Business Guide”, which can act as an “always available to you ”, online small business coaching consultant for you. This app has very useful to your company to grow up 

1. we helping you how to grow you   in  your business 
2. we provided  the  of quotes, tips and ideas about the business  that will be  helpful to  you grow your business.
3. A full-fledge video seminars guiding you in various aspects of managing business growth.

We can also help you reach your goals through our Customized, Result-Oriented Business Consulting for SMEs
 We  offer solutions to grow your business to the next level through our customized, expert of  business consultancy services.

How does Business Coach help? 

1. Establishing the right competitive strategy of the business.
2. Formulating various systems and policies.
3. Setting up and streamlining efficient operation processes.
4. Establishing better coordination and communication in the team.
5. Setting up, tracking and achieving organization goals .
6. Setting up objective and meaningful reporting systems.
7. Establishing the culture of systematic decision making.
8. Reducing customer complaints and improving customer satisfaction.
9. Giving a boost to your marketing determines and branding activities.
10. Improving quality, productivity, sales and profit in your organization.

how we work:

1. We provide focused, customized and result-oriented coaching services to growth-oriented SME business organizations of a minimum size and volume and open to learning.
2. The coaching assignment is executed on a retainer ship basis through personal interactions and training initiatives.
3. For clients outside Mumbai (India), the coaching assignment is executed through video meetings.
4. All coaching is provided by Sanjay Shah, Business author and one of the leading SME Business Coaches.

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