5 Powerful Sales Strategies To Ensure Maximum Online Revenues In 2021


Online revenue is a vital part of the successful working of any business. So how do you ensure that you are using all the means possible to generate maximum online sales? Well, there are several novel strategies that you can implement to increase the cash inflow from your website. Below, we have outlined five of the best sales policies to enhance online revenue generation in 2021.

An all-inclusive cloud phone system

Installing a cloud based phone system is important to increase lead generation through phone calls. However, just having the infrastructure in place is not sufficient. For instance, if your business is based in Canada and you have a Canada phone number, you should be able to track the calls made within the country, as well as, globally. Your Canada phone number should be equipped with features to let you know which marketing channels are leading to valuable prospects.

If you don’t have a tracking system in pl    ace, you will end up allocating your funds to marketing channels that are not even giving you any return on investment (ROI). With call tracking in place, you can place a variety of phone numbers on your website and third-party platforms. You can then easily keep a record of the campaigns, email channels, and social media handles that are generating the maximum phone calls.

With CallHippo’s call analytics technology, you can easily identify the sources of incoming calls. Its cloud-based speech analytics package gives detailed insights into client behavior and the phone call tracking features enable you to make ingenious assessments. Prospective customers who call in response to your marketing and sales campaigns help to conduct greater sales. And all of this can be achieved via call analytics.


Reaping the benefits of Google reviews

Positive reviews about your brand on Google go a long way in building trust among prospective customers. When you have multiple good reviews about your products and services online, you will appear before your competitors on both local and global search results. Even your listings will be highlighted on Google and then users will be prompted to click on your website. When you can establish yourself as a reliable business, the probability of conversion increases manifold.

Mobile optimization, CTAs, and pop-ups

Currently, maximum shoppers browse online sites on their smartphones. With over 65% of the time spent on online shopping being via mobiles, it is surprising to note that only around 50% of companies have optimized their sites for smartphones. If your website is not mobile optimized, you will lose a major chunk of customers - who will ditch your products only because they cannot navigate the site on their phones. Hence, you should take steps to ensure that you allot resources for a seamless mobile interface.

Again, alongside mobile optimization, your website should display enough CTA buttons in order to generate more lead conversions. With the help of the accurate Call To Action, users will reach the targeted marketing funnel. Make it a practice to include CTA tabs to your product page, blogs, and about us section. Place CTAs to lure prospects to receive email newsletters and best-selling pages.

Finally, pop-ups are another way to encourage visitors to opt for newsletters and avail discounts on purchases. Attractive offers will attract buyers to make their first-time purchases. When you have the emails of your prospects, you can use the IDs for your future marketing campaigns.

Follow-up emails

It often happens that a single email may not be seen by a user or it can even be ignored by a prospect. In fact, more than five touch points are usually needed to convert a prospect into a buyer. If you use email follow-ups, you can make use of lost chances in the first attempt. Automated email follow-ups also offer the opportunity to make customers better understand your products and to build trust and confidence.

Seamless check-out process

Finally, when a customer picks a product from your website, s/he should face no obstacles during the check-out process. You might have often observed that a customer adds a product to his/her cart and never completes the purchase. This is a huge loss of sales opportunities. In order to ensure that you have minimum shopping cart drop-outs, you can take steps to make the checkout process simple and easy to understand. Try not to incorporate too many complicated steps. Also, include secure and effortless payment gateways.


To wrap it all up, you do not have to overhaul your entire sales strategy to increase your online revenues. With the help of some creative tweaks here and there, you can easily multiply the online revenues for your business. Keep a track on the implemented policies and monitor their performance. You can then decide whether your sales strategy is delivering the desired results or not.

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