How To Use A Laser Level

A laser level is a tool used in construction and surveying. Laser levels operate by projecting a beam onto a surface. They are one of the most radical tools introduced to the industry and are now considered a staple. The original releases weren't self-levelling, but today they come with bells and whistles, with smaller price points and are even more compact. 

When choosing the correct laser level for your task, there are various factors to consider, but how do they work once you have the right tool? 

Operating a Laser Level 

Start the process by placing the laser level on a flat surface or using a tripod. You will need to ensure the vials show level if it is a manual laser level. Look for the small screws to adjust them until your vials show level. You can now turn the laser level on. 

If your laser level self-levels, give it a moment to do so. 

The level emits a beam onto your work surface. If you are using the laser level outdoors, you may need a laser detector if there is nothing to "catch" the beam. Once your laser level is emitting its beam, you can connect the detector to your measuring rod. Adjust this until you hear beeping to notify you that you have detected the laser. 

Now that you have found your level, you can secure the rod and detector to take the necessary measurements. 

You can also use tinted goggles when operating a laser level outdoors to detect the beam. Many level kits come with tinted goggles. When you place your level on a mount and turn it on, you can wear the goggles to detect it. Simply aim for the level where you want and lock it into position when you find the level. 

Take the receiver to where you need the reading and place it on a flat surface. It should be at the same height as your laser level, so if you have two tripods, this is ideal. You will want to move it slowly until it catches the beam and then lock it into position using the tripod or a flat surface to steady it—the level and receiver work in tandem to provide the alignment you want. 

Finding the Level 

If you want to determine the level for hanging a picture or a shelf, then begin by marking the wall with your desired height. Turn your level on and line the beam up with the mark. Adjust it until the bubble is between the lines on the vial. When the laser runs through the mark you can use suction cups or putty to attach the level to the wall snugly. Now measure the distance between the hanging mechanism and the top of the frame or shelf. You will also need to measure the distance from the laser to where the hanging mechanism meets the wall. Make a mark on the wall in the appropriate spot so you can punch the nail through it. Now you simply need to hang the shelf or picture frame. 

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