Influencer Marketing: Here's Definition, Types, and Benefits for Product Marketing

Is your company's product marketing unsatisfactory? For this, you don't need to worry because now there is a very good marketing technique, namely by using influencer marketing services.

So, what does influencer marketing mean? What benefits can be felt by companies that use marketing techniques with influencers?

You want to know the answer right? For that, see the explanation about marketing with influencer services below.

Definition of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a marketing technique that uses the services of an influencer so that the company's products are known by the wider community.

Anyone can actually become an influencer, such as celebrities, health practitioners, beauty experts, political experts, or other public figures.

Types of Influencer Marketing

There are several types of influencer marketing that companies can work with, including:

1. Mega Influencers

Mega influencer is the highest level of an influencer. Because, the number of followers or followers on these influencers can reach tens of millions. Usually, mega influencers come from entertainment artists or world-class soccer players.

2. Macro Influencers

Someone who falls into the macro influencer criteria usually has around 10,000-1 million followers. The engagement rate of these influencers with their followers is around 5-25%.

3. Micro Influencers

Meanwhile, micro influencers have a lower number of followers when compared to other types of influencers. The costs incurred to pay for the services of these influencers are also quite cheap.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Business

After running a business promotion with influencer marketing services, your company will experience several benefits, including:

1. Increase Brand Awareness

With influencer marketing, the products promoted by the influencer can be more easily recognized by many people, especially the followers of the influencer.

If more and more people easily recognize a product promoted by an influencer, it means that influencer marketing activities are going well.

2. Can Reach Wider Consumers

The more followers who follow an influencer, the more easily a product will be known by others in various regions. Because, usually the followers on social media belonging to influencers are people who come from several regions in the country, even abroad.

3. Can Increase Product Sales Rate

An influencer usually has a loyal following. Sometimes, any product recommended by the influencer will immediately be followed by the follower.

For example, if an influencer promotes a hijab product, soon his followers will also use the hijab product. In addition, if an influencer recommends a certain product, then soon the follower will also use a certain product similar to that used by the influencer.

4. Increase Consumer Confidence

When carrying out marketing activities, an influencer is also required to provide product explanations, such as the quality or guarantee of certain products. If this is done, the level of consumer confidence will increase. That way, followers will be interested in using the product recommended by the influencer, and even recommend a product to those closest to the follower.

That's an explanation of influencer marketing that you can use to promote your business with a wider reach of consumers.

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