Digital skills to future-proof your workplace

LinkedIn learning report 2022

Digitization has been bringing revolution for decades now. It has changed the approach to performing work, the nature of jobs, and the outcomes.

But does it ever stop?

Digitization is about continuous change, upgradation, optimizing the existing process, and reshaping them. It is a never-ending process, rather ever-growing at a quick pace. An organization needs to keep up with the fast-changing market and digital technologies.

Keeping up with the market and digital technologies ensures that you are not left behind in the market and always stay one step ahead of the competition. But in order to do so, you need to provide your employees with digital skills that will future-proof your workplace and upper position in the market.

Here are the skills that you can provide your employees in order to future-proof your workplace:

Incorporating Cloud-based computing tools

LMS or learning management system is a cloud-based computing application that delivers training and learning programs to your employees. It is also efficient when it comes to recording, administering, tracking, and analyzing the performance of the employees. It helps in facilitating easy onboarding and training programs for new hires.

LMS can future-proof the organization by providing you with excellent training and learning programs. According to the LinkedIn learning report 2022, shows 29% of employees agree to virtual training programs, and 30% of employees go through digital fluency or transformation programs. Whereas there were 63% of employees who prefer qualitative L&D programs.

Incorporating LMS can upscale your training and learning process by providing learning and development courses in the comfort of your employees’ homes and at any time. LMS facilitates learning and training online through top-notch instructors that may not be able to visit the organization and train employees. But eLearning through LMS makes it possible to not be bounded by geographical boundations.

There are several 508 compliance software that helps you by providing your employees with training and development according to industry requirements.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is quickly changing the business world. The quantity of AI experts employed has expanded by over 35% over the most recent four years. LinkedIn has spotted AI as perhaps the most creative profession in the global market because of its rising fame across innovation areas.

An ever-increasing number of organizations are carrying out AI to function during the pandemic. Organizations have been searching for individuals with AI aptitude in unambiguous regions like Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Automated Speech Recognition (ASR). 

It is important for any organization to be up-to-date about the latest development in the field of AI, to incorporate within their organization. Adopting the latest technologies will allow your organization to prosper and increase employee development and productivity.


Data and information are critical components of any organization. Any breach or leakage of data will not only give your hacker what they want but also will give your competitor an advantage. 

No one would want to deal with or invest in an organization that is a threat to lose their critical data and information, which is why cybersecurity is the most important digital tool one must have to future-proof their organization against internal or external attacks.

Professionals specialized in cybersecurity assist with safeguarding delicate information, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), individual data, intellectual property, and industry data.

Cybersecurity has grown exponentially and will continue to do so because of the need to protect your digitized information. So it is necessary to train the employees in the Cyber Security Certification course or hire individuals specialized in cybersecurity.

Digital Project Management

With the rapid digitization, has arisen the demand for digitized projects. To fulfill this demand organizations have started running their businesses digitally. To ensure that the digital project is delivered as per the requirement of clients, organizations need to set up a team and project manager specialized in delivering such projects.

To deliver such projects, having digital project management is the need of the hour. But what exactly is digital project management? It is planning, organizing, creating, and delivering web-based projects using the web and conveyed through electronic devices such as laptops and desktops, using electronic tools such as screen sharing, etc.

Allowing digital project management will not only secure your workplace but also offers you the competitive advantage of holding distinguished tool and strategy in the market. Not only will you gain from it but your employees will also have the opportunity to grow and obtain updated skills.


Data Analytics and Science

Data analytics and science have been important tools for those industries that are heavily dependent on data usage. Industries such as banking, education, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, e-commerce, and service providers.

Data analytics and data science are useful to read and analyze data for speeding up the decision-making process, increasing productivity, and enhancing the accuracy of data. However Data Science is one of the most lucrative fields across areas, and there is a gigantic gap between the demand and supply of information science experts.

Hence it is a must-have skill to future-proof your workplace.


Digitization is an imperative and progressively significant part of any organization. That is why it is important to train your employees with digital skills that will help your organization grow and stay safe against inevitable variables in the market.

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