Learn About an International Middle Years Curriculum in Bangkok

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An international school in Bangkok with a progressive middle years curriculum can be a positive turning point in a student’s education.

The early years of a child's pre-school education are concerned with developing the skills that will enable them to learn. Social, communication, and cognitive are among some of the phases of development a child must master before they are able to move up to the next phase and begin their formal education.  

The next step is the primary years. These years are spent learning the skills students need within the various subjects they’re taught. For instance, they spend class time expanding their vocabularies, learning usage and grammar rules in English, and perfecting functions and methods of problem-solving in mathematics.

Students aren't expected to put theories to use in this phase of their education; they're still learning and exploring the fundamentals of the subjects. 

This changes once they reach their middle school years. They're deemed to have reached a stage in their development where they can start thinking of each subject as a tool to be used in exploring the world around them and finding answers to questions in real-life situations.

Middle School Can Open a Student’s Eyes

This can be both an exciting and challenging time in a young person’s education. It can lead them to new interests to explore. It can also cause them to question their self-confidence.

Enrolling your child in a school with a curriculum that embraces the concept of project-based learning (PBL) is one of the best ways to open their eyes to a world of new interest to explore and provide endless support for their self-confidence at the same time.  

This new curriculum is tailor-made for middle-school-age students that are starting to spread their wings and explore the world around them with the skills they've learned. These students are energetic with active minds. They love to bounce ideas and thoughts off their fellow students and teachers.

Collaborative Nature of PBL

One of the reasons teachers, parents and students love PBL is because it embraces collaboration. Everyone's input is expected and appreciated. Attending a PBL curriculum school every day provides a continuous boost of confidence to a student's confidence and self-esteem. 

They also learn that their opinion matters and has value in the world. And because of this value, they’ll be expected to have a say in what they learn and how they’re taught to give them the best chance of succeeding in every subject.  

Students in their middle-school ages can sometimes be judgemental of others. But in a collaborative environment, they'll become more accepting of others as they are a part of the team that helps the student complete a given project successfully. 

Learn More About PBL

If you think your middle-school-age child would benefit from a project-based learning curriculum, get in touch with VERSO School in Bangkok and arrange for a tour and interview with their teachers and administrators.

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