WiFi Says Connected but Can’t Access the Internet

Are you connected to WiFi but can’t access the internet? Well, we can understand how frustrating the situation can be. Internet has become the need of every user. When we see “no internet access”, it seems that our life has no juice, doesn’t it?

But, you don’t have to fret out. If there is a will there's a way! Here, in this article, we’ve mentioned some effective ways that will help you resolve the “WiFi connected but no internet access” issue on the fly.

Fix: WiFi Connected But No Internet

Fix 1: Add a TP Link Extender

To enjoy the lag-free internet range in every nook and cranny of your house, add a TP Link WiFi range extender to your existing router. Simply configure the extender using tplinkrepeater web address and experience the change in your internet connection like never before.

Fix 2: Install the TP Link Tether App

TP Link Tether app provides the easiest way to access and manage your WiFi range extender with your mobile devices, PCs, laptops or routers from anywhere. From quick extender installation to parental controls, Tether app provides a simple, intuitive user interface to see the TP Link device status, connected client devices, their privileges, etc.

Fix 3: Check the Power

Once you added a TP Link extender to your home WiFi and installed the TP Link Tether app, the next thing you have to do is to check the power being supplied to your TP Link extender. Your TP Link device should be properly plugged into a damaged-free wall outlet and must receive a steady power supply.

Fix 4: Check the Location

The location for your TP Link device must be open, higher, and the center-most area of your home. Do not hide the TP Link device behind an almirah or inside a cabinet. Otherwise, you won’t be getting internet range on your connected devices.

Fix 5: Set Up the Extender Correctly

Partial or improper TP Link extender setup is another main reason behind “WiFi connected but no internet” issue. So, make sure you configure your TP Link WiFi extender properly using the on-screen instructions provided on tplinkrepeater setup page.

Fix 6: Check the LEDs on Your Extender

To make the most out of your TP Link device and internet connection, it is important to check the LED status on your range extender. On the off chance if the LEDs on your TP Link WiFi extender are blinking for longer than expected, simply restart it once. For this, you first have to disconnect all the devices that are connected to your extender’s WiFi. Then, unplug the TP Link extender from the wall outlet. Wait for some time and then plug in back your range extender. The LEDs on the device will shortly become stable after blinking. This process is known as power cycling.

Fix 7: Use the Correct Web Address

For setting up TP Link extender in a proper way, it is important to use the correct web address. So, cross-check the web address, tplinkrepeater after entering it. Also, keep this in mind - tplinkrepeater must be entered without typos in the browser’s URL bar only. Making use of the search bar will definitely give you tplinkrepeater not working issues.

Fix 8: Update TP Link Extender Firmware

If you are still getting internet-connectivity issues with your TP Link device, then chances are that the firmware of your WiFi range extender has become outdated. Thus, to make the most out of your TP Link extender, it is suggested to update its firmware right-away. To check the firmware availability for your extender model, visit its official site or access the firmware update page using tplinkrepeater web address and default login credentials.

Do the TP Link troubleshooting tips listed in this article help you out? Please share your feedback with us. And, if you are still getting “WiFi connected but no internet access” issue - without much delay, drop your queries in the comments section.
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