Car culture has gained popularity amongst Middle East countries in the last few years. Car fanatics from all over the globe are heading towards Dubai to experience the thrill of sports racing and enjoy the unique car culture and experience. 

A panel discussion was recently held in the UAE in which they talked about the importance of car culture within the UAE and how vintage and classic car collections have risen back in demand. Undoubtedly, Dubai boasts the most exotic cars globally every year. 

People’s attention to car safety is also growing with this hype. Increasing concern about the tyres installed on their cars has been noticed. The authorities are continuously emphasizing upon buying the best tyre offers in Dubai for quality results. The specialists have issued instructions to stop people from buying cheap car tyres from little to no brand. They even asked people to avoid consuming used tyres.

Thus, keeping in line with the obligation of UAE’s condition and the car drivers’ safety. We are here to assist you in finding the best tyre offers.

Best Tyre Offers In UAE

  • Bridgestone

Bridgestone is a Japanese tyre manufacturer company that also builds other auto parts. It is one of the premium brands that provide top-quality tyres for Dubai roads. Also, they are recognized as the largest manufacturer company with 181 production facilities.

Bridgestone manufactures car tyres for small cars to large trucks. The tyres of Bridgestone improve mileage, fuel efficiency, road traction for car drivers. This is one of the tyre offers in Dubai that can practically meet all the demands of car owners.

  • Michelin

Michelin has been a world-leading tyre company in UAE since 1984. It is also the largest tyre manufacturer like Bridgestone. Michelin believes in delivering top-end tyre quality worldwide and is known for its durability & performance in the long run.

Michelin tyres are the one-stop shop for passenger car tyres, truck tyres, motorcycle tyres, off-road, and 4x4. It has over 300 outlets in Dubai, affiliation with different car selling brands, including CTC, a famous member of Al-Rostamani Company.

Michelin’s specialty tyres include the Michelin Pilot Sport 2, Michelin Primacy HP, Michelin Pilot Sport 3, and the Michelin EnergyTM XM2. These tyres are also used in motorsport occasions, including the MotoGP.

  • Goodyear 

Goodyear is an American tyre and rubber company that makes tyres for cars, planes, and earth-mover machines. This company is highly focused on improving its technology and production. They use the newest automation and tech of science to ensure safe driving and efficient grip performance. Moreover, it is the only supplier of the well-known NASCAR series.

The Goodyear Eagle series includes a range of tyres that meet the need of every car owner in the UAE.

  • Dunlop

Dunlop is one of the world’s well-known tyre dealers that have produced several ground-breaking tyres and focused on delivering the same quality car tyres for many years for a pleasing driving experience. They create tyres for a wide variety of cars by using cutting-edge technology. They even design the future models of tyres, making it a great brand suitable for serving every buyer in Dubai. 

  • Yokohama

Yokohama is an affordable tyre brand for most car owners in UAE. It is a Japanese tyre brand, and the company built up prestige over time for offering value at reduced prices. Yokohama offers tyres that suit demands with sales reaching pinnacle heights. Due to this, Yokohama is known as the 7th biggest tyre manufacturer globally.

Its advanced series of tyres includes the Mitsubishi Lancer. The one thing that makes Yokohama stand out in all the brands is that it delivers Japanese standard performance at meager prices.

  • Hankook

Hankook is a Korean-based tyre company that was established in 1941. Thanks to its high-quality tires, it is seen as a reviving brand with accessibility in over 180 countries. With a global reputation for producing racing tyres, the company also offers tyres for passenger cars, buses, and trucks. 

Hankook has built its reputation through international brands such as Audi, Benz, BMW, etc. It offers increased comfortability with anti-noise technology at great prices.

  • Pirelli 

Pirelli is a luxury Italian brand with about 140 years of experience in the tyre manufacturing industry. Due to its extraordinarily high prices, not everyone can afford these tyres – making it ultimate for the UAE’s high-end luxury and show cars. 

Many high-performance cars are fixated to use Parelli tyres because of their extraordinary performance at unusually high speeds as they offer exceptional cornering stability to drivers. The people in UAE mostly prefer it because Pirelli tyres are eco-friendly and best for all weather conditions.

  • Continental AG

Continental AG is the fourth largest tyre producer company that offers various products for the transportation and automotive industry. It has been on the run for about 100 years and is an official partner of the UAE for tyre purchasing offers. 

Continental AG is best known for designing cutting-edge intelligent technologies for connectivity and transportation in Dubai.

  • Tigar HP 

Tigar is a long-established European car tyre company that offers high levels of safety at an affordable price. This European factory belongs to the Michelin group of tyres and is prepared while keeping the hot weather of Dubai in mind. Tigar HP is a great and economical choice for everyone in UAE because of its vast stock and extensive range. It offers car drivers a fantastic value for money and an outstanding level of durability.

  • Nexen

Nexen is the fastest-growing company and one of the top tyre brands. It produces SUV tyres, passenger car tyres, and light truck tyres. This company trades to over 120 countries, including the UAE.

In A Nutshell

These top brands deliver the best tyre offers in Dubai and give quality and safe drive on UAE roads. However, to save yourself from any trouble, it’s safe to purchase all-season tyres rather than only summer tyres that only function effectively during one season.

To get your hands on all-season tyres, you may contact CTC, a famous member of Al-Rostamani Company.

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