When Should You Write Microblog Posts? Are They Good for SEO in 2022

 What is a Microblog?

Microblog is a website with short posts. We call them microblog posts. The term blog refers to a regularly updated website with fresh content daily. Similarly, microblogs are websites where we post articles, but they are short-written. In fact, very short if we compare them with standard blog posts. Microblog has an average word count of 60, you can say. This blog post will briefly discuss microblog posts and their effectiveness in 2022. We will also talk about if they are good for search engines.

Blogs are mostly a single person's website. However, there are several famous blog websites that a lot of users write on as well. Some of them are Forbes, Reader's Digest, Medium, Inc., etc. Microblogs are usually websites that are public platforms. It includes social media platforms with Twitter on the top. We write on Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook, and we can also consider them microblog posts. We can also consider posts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr as microblog posts.

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Microblog Websites on Internet

1. Twitter

Twitter is one of the most famous and widely used free microblogging websites. It lets you write 280 character posts. You can post there about current affairs, news, or anything that's trending. It has a trending section that works on hashtags. Every country has different trending hashtags there. Include relevant hashtags in your posts to rank in the Twitter feed. We call the microblog posts on Twitter tweets.

2. Tumblr

Tumblr is another microblog website that lets you share your thoughts and creativity with the world. You can utilize text, images, illustrations, links, and videos to create short posts on Tumblr.

3. Pinterest

This website is a picture blogging website. But it's not like Instagram. Pinterest is like a market where people come to share their stuff and learn from others. They don't buy or sell anything. If your work is related to pictures and graphics, you can use Pinterest. We discussed these top microblog websites on the internet that are free. However, there are many more microblogging websites people use.

Are Microblog Posts Good for SEO?

Above, we discussed three microblogging websites. They are all free. You can sign up for them and post for free. You can engage lots of traffic and followers, which you can monetize. That's what social media influencers are doing. Brands approach them to promote their business, products, and services. However, what if we think about making a new microblog? Firstly, we need to know that we didn't discuss the new websites above. They were made many years ago. All of these websites have excellent domain authority DA. It's a factor of good search engine optimization. Websites with high DA ranks on the top results pages. So, these websites are popular. If you work hard and smart on them, you can spread your voice by microblogging. However, we don't have direct monetization ways on these websites in case someone wants to earn money by blogging. 

Should you make a Microblog?

If we make a microblog, we can monetize it through easy ways like running ads and affiliate marketing. However, search engines prefer long-form content to rank it. In contrast, you write very short posts on microblogs. So, we don't recommend making a separate website for microblogging at this moment. However, it might be in the future as search engines change their algorithms from time to time. You can use the already made platforms for microblogging. Moreover, it's not easy to top rank your tweets and posts on microblogging platforms. You need to understand how things work there to prosper.

When should you write a Microblog post?

We discussed websites that let you do microblogging and whether you should make a microblog. Now, the question is, why do you need to write microblogs? Some topics need immediate attention and comments. Microblogging is adequate for such instances. But people also write long-form articles on trends and news. However, the majority of the people don't like reading long posts on every topic. They need brief comments on those things. That's why people write on Twitter.

Moreover, it also gets you traffic engagement. So, if you want to comment on a topic rather than write an article, you can do microblogging. Or, if you naturally have concise words to tell people about something, use microblogs for it. We don't have lots of comments on everything despite being a blogger. But some people can still do that, or those who do it forcefully. Therefore, microblogging is an alternative for topics that don't require thousands of words.

Writing lengthy articles on everything won't even look appropriate. It looks like you are increasing your website's traffic and you don't care about anything else. It gives you readers a terrible impression of you. You don't need a lot of effort and time to write microblog posts. At the same time, you need lots of technical factors as well as creativity to write a web article. You need to make it search engine friendly, user engaging, and fun to read.

Microblogging on Any Topic

You can write on any topic when you run a blog. It can capture people's attention if you make sure people demand that topic in the market. You need not only to write about trendy things. Several people even post about their personal life on platforms like Twitter. They have lots of followers and engagement as well. They can use this perk to spread their voice for anything. People will see their content. However, you would need to work on it to reach that level in the beginning. Different microblog websites have different strategies that would make you a successful micro blogger if you keep them in mind.

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