The Most Popular Partition Walls Used Today in Modern Homes!


The most popular partition wall materials are wood and metal. Both are sturdy and durable and are set in wooden frames. Each side of the wall is covered with a thin layer of plaster. A thick layer of hard plaster is then applied on each side to provide stiffness. This makes the partition wall resistant to fire and other risks. However, wood does not last long in the modern home. Hence, it should be carefully selected for the purpose of dividing rooms.

Solid Wood

The most popular partition wall material is made from gypsum. This is a lightweight type of material that can be manufactured in various sizes and thicknesses. These partition walls are also fire resistant and have good heat insulation properties. The most common type of gypsum partition wall is made of tangled wood fibers or wood wool. The blocks are joined with mortar to provide strength. A metal reinforcement is placed every third or fourth block to prevent them from falling. The walls look beautiful and offer light. Buy wooden partition online India at Craftatoz

Brick is another popular partition material used today. This type of wall is plastered on both sides. They are often made from unfinished materials and are cost-effective. As they are hard and durable, they are recyclable and reusable. Additionally, they are ecologically friendly. The most common kind of gypsum block is the plain brick type. A square block has two layers, one is slightly larger than the other.

Mango Wood 

There are many types of partition walls that are used in modern homes. Some of the most popular types are made from glass and metal lath. These materials are durable and light, and are an ideal choice for homes. Aside from being extremely durable, they also offer an aesthetic value. The exposed brick is also attractive and can be arranged in an artistic pattern. This type of partition is usually a good option for offices or other public buildings.

Gypsum wallboards are lightweight and are relatively easy to construct. They have a combustible core and are not fireproof. They also don't keep heat in the interior of a house. A wood-based partition is a good option for apartments that need a lot of ventilation. But it has many disadvantages, including its inability to be waterproof.

Sheesham Wood 

The most common partition walls are made from wood and metal. These are the most affordable and lightweight, and they can be easily constructed. But they do not have the advantage of being fire and smoke resistant. In addition, they are prone to dampness, which can cause insect infestation. There are two main types of wood partitions: a truss-based wall. Both of them are light and durable and can be installed in a day.

Gypsum partition wall is known for its stretcher bond. A brick partition is plastered on both sides. Its structural elements are made from unfinished materials, which are cost-effective and eco-friendly. They can be painted, stained, or colored, and have different aesthetic effects. But, if you're looking for a simple and economical partition wall, consider buying a prefabricated one.

Antiques finish 

As mentioned before, the most popular partition walls used today in modern homes are made of wood. This type of wall is lightweight, rigid, and fire resistant, but it is also prone to rot and decay. Furthermore, it can be vulnerable to white ants and is not suitable for modern homes. Moreover, it can cost too much. This type of wall is best suited for small spaces.

The most popular partition wall in modern homes is made of glass. This type of partition is durable and non-combustible and is the best choice for modern homes with small rooms. It can be used in office buildings. They are lightweight and can be installed in almost any room. In addition, they are easily maintained and require no maintenance. It will last for a long time. It is highly recommended for use in modern homes.

Choosing a Different Room Partition Design For Living Room and Dining Hall

Choosing a different room partition design for living room and dining hall is a smart way to give your home a fresh new look. The traditional wall is a boring choice, so opt for an alternative that adds character to your home without blocking out natural light. Another option for living room and dining hall partitions is a textured glass partition. This type of room partition is beautiful and functional. The textured glass also allows you to display beautiful artwork or paintings. You may even opt for a framed piece of artwork for an elegant look.


There are many types of room partition designs in India. Curtains are a traditional way of dividing a space. If you want to keep your living area cool and free from bright sunlight, consider a woven or lightweight fabric. Both fabrics are aesthetically pleasing and can allow natural light to filter through. If you want a more contemporary look, consider a woven or embroidered fabric. Patterned fabrics add visual interest to a space.

A crockery unit is a great way to separate the living and dining rooms. This piece of furniture can double as a TV unit and crockery unit. It can also serve as a display for decor accessories. Using a crockery unit in this way will make the space look more elegant. It's a practical and versatile solution for separating a large space.

MDF partition

A jali wall is a popular way of separating the two rooms. This wall also incorporates a display unit where you can showcase your accessories. This unique room partition design has storage cabinets and adds to the smart look of your home. While this method might seem expensive, it is worth the cost. Its durability and beauty will make your home look beautiful and sophisticated. The right partition can make the difference between a boring living room and a gorgeously designed home.

A jali partition is a beautiful way to separate a living room and dining hall. This type of partition can be used to divide two separate rooms or to create a privacy corner. It can also be folded to save space. These dividers are a great way to add character to a home, and can be a great way to make your home more inviting. It's also a great option for modern homes.


If you have a traditional wooden wall, you can use a vertically placed jali partition. This style allows light to enter the dining and living areas. The jali design is an elegant choice for dividing a small living room and a large dining hall. The vertical bars blend seamlessly with the rest of the furniture and create a harmonious atmosphere. If you have a wooden partition, you'll want it to be asymmetrical, which means it's not too tall.

A jali partition is another common way to divide a living room from a dining hall. It features a display unit for displaying your accessories, and also a storage area. The jali design also adds a smart appeal to the divider. If you have a smaller living room and dining hall, a jali divider is a good choice. A curved divider is the most practical choice.

Wooden jali partition

A wooden jali partition is a simple and elegant option for separating the living room and dining hall. The jali is one of the most popular partition designs for a living and dining table. It is both functional and attractive and has storage cabinets in its base. It is a classic, long-lasting material and is easier to maintain than other materials. It is easy to clean and maintain.


A jali partition is a beautiful and functional way to separate a dining and living room. It can also incorporate a display unit to display your furniture and other accessories. The jali divider also adds a stylish touch to the design by providing storage space for a mirror and other accessories. The divider can also be soundproof. This option can be expensive, but it will last for years.

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