Basics of Meditation For Beginner Practitioners


Meditation practice offers unlimited benefits. From mental to emotional relief, no dimension stays untouched when you start practicing meditation. You might not gain much with superficial knowledge of meditation. For deeper penetration into your mind, clearing all the basics of meditation becomes a necessity.

Hence, this article helps you get acquainted with the basics of meditation. So, you get familiar with the pillars of meditation that are going to help you reach much deeper states of being. Let’s first understand a little about the pillars of meditation that will enhance your overall knowledge.

Basics of Meditation: Three Pillars


The very first pillar of meditation is to make it a habit. It helps you how to integrate meditation practice into your life so that you don’t have to force it. Therefore, you can begin meditation practice in just five minutes.

When it comes to the basics of meditation, inculcating meditation as a habit should be your goal. Hence, consistency is what you need to incorporate in your life. Over time, your time to practice meditation improves without any hassle.


Experience shows that taking the right step moves you closer to your goal. Hence, choosing the right technique is one of the three pillars of meditation. No single style is right or perfect. Moreover, no meditation style or technique is superior or inferior.

That is where you need to spend time wisely while choosing the right technique to practice meditation. With the right mindset and technique, practicing meditation removes narrow-mindedness. Moreover, you stay away from all the superficial aspects of meditation practice.

To learn the right technique, consider joining an RYT certification. It will help you enhance your knowledge and get your confusion resolved.


Execution and application of what you learn play an important part in your journey. Therefore, when you want to clear the basics of meditation, you must know how can you make it work practically. Your goal must not be just to experience the art of meditation. Rather, how to apply it in your life so that you get the desired results.

True meditation practice means you apply the right technique, make it a habit in the right way, and get the right application. When everything goes right, your life is going to prosper without a doubt. Furthermore, it changes how you see the world around you. Moreover, getting deeper inside yourself becomes easier.

All the points mentioned above are the three pillars of meditation practice. Therefore, you need to inculcate all this knowledge in your life so that you can get everything right.

Basics of Meditation: Important Points

  • While practicing meditation, never rush to calm or silence your mind.

  • When you rush, you are doing exactly the opposite of why you are practicing meditation.

  • Never sit more than what you can handle in the beginning.

  • Always learn from experienced practitioners.

  • Don’t skip from one meditation technique to the other.

  • Always give adequate time to a single meditation practice routine until you are bored or satisfied.

  • Make the place where you practice meditation pure, clean, and silent.

  • Clothes should be loose and airy for easier movements and blood flow.

  • If possible, refrain from eating meat or other non-vegetarian items.

How to Practice Meditation

  • Choose a silent and clean place to practice meditation.

  • You can even burn scented candles to ease out the air around you.

  • Sit with closed eyes and legs crossed.

  • Just breathe in and out without changing the natural mechanism of your breathing.

  • Be there in the moment to reach the deeper states of being.

  • Once done, open your eyes and move.

Wrap Up

Meditation practice works on your mind and body. With regular practice of meditation, your mind becomes calm and composed. It further removes any confusion and issues from your psyche. You can even join a yoga course. Therefore, joining a Yoga Alliance certified course could be a great option for you.

Make sure you are consistent with your practice. Always be easy on yourself while practicing meditation so that you things fall into place. Hence, it makes life easier and uncomplicated for you.

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