Can't Access Linksys Extender Web-Based Setup Page? Let's Fix!

Users need to access the web-based setup page of the Linksys wireless range extender in order to tweak the advanced settings. But, some of them fail while doing so and end up complaining about the same. If you have also performed Linksys extender setup and your story is indifferent from others, then this article will put a happy ending to that. So, read on to know what to do if you are unable to access the Linksys range extender's web-based setup page.

Fixed: Can't Access Linksys Web-Based Setup Page

  1. Reboot the Linksys Extender

In order to keep the technical glitches away, users need to give a timely reboot to their Linksys extender. Perhaps, you overused your device due to which you are facing the issue. Don't worry! Reboot your Linksys wireless extender right away.

The process of rebooting is quite simple and a non-techie can execute it. To give a reboot to your extender, press the Power button to switch off your WiFi device, let it rest, and then press the Power button again to turn it on. After the extender is successfully rebooted, check if you are able to access the web-based setup page.

  1. Check the Internet Connection

Chances are that your internet connection is ditching you due to which you are unable to access the web-based setup page of your Linksys extender. Therefore, to fix the issue at hand, check the connection between your Linksys extender and router first. Verify whether the Ethernet cable connecting your WiFi devices is non-damaged or not. If it is not, do yourself a favor and establish the connection using a new Ethernet cable.

If the connection between your WiFi devices is fine, then your Internet Service Provider might be the culprit. So, grab your phone and give a ring to your ISP. Ask him whether the issue is from his end. If he agrees with your statement, then give him some time to fix the issue.

  1. Use the Correct Web Address

Although it is a pretty obvious reason still some users use the incorrect web address to access the web-based setup page of their extender. If you have committed the same mistake, then it is time to mend your way.

To get the issue fixed, type the correct web address of your Linksys range extender into the address bar of the web browser.

  1. Update the Web Browser

Pay some attention to your web browser and check if it is running on its latest version or not. No? Get your web browser updated as soon as possible to successfully access the Linksys extender's web-based setup page.

Also, ensure that the web browser you are currently using is not accumulated with cache, cookies, and browsing history. If updating the web browser and clearing the cache is of no effect, then consider switching to another web browser.

Note: Updating the web browser will also help you if you are unable to access the Linksys router login page.

  1. Reconfigure Your Linksys Extender

If none of the aforementioned hacks bring you success, then your extender might be configured in an improper manner. So, to get the issue fixed, you need to set up your extender again. But, before you do that, reset your Linksys extender. It will delete the customized settings from your extender and restore it to factory default settings.

In order to restore your Linksys range extender to factory default settings, find the Reset button on your device, and press it with the help of a paper clip. Hold on for a while and you're done. Now, set up your wireless device from scratch by accessing the Linksys extender login page. This time you'll surely be able to access the extender's web-based setup page.

Final Words

Did this article put a happy ending to your miserable story? Looks like it did. Kudos! You've successfully fixed the issue. Now, you can access the Linksys extender's web-based setup page without any hassle and tweak its advanced settings.

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