Enhancing Orthopedic Care: Skin Traction, Arm Pouch, and Long Knee Brace


Orthopedic Condition is a certain set of issues that impact a person's joint bones, cartilage, ligaments, muscles, etc. These conditions arise due to some accidents, or they are inherited as a part of a genetic condition. This is where Vissco Next comes to help people heal from their injuries with their skin traction kit, which maintains the alignment after the fractures, Arm Pouch Sling, which supports the shoulder & Arm, and many more to help people live their lives peacefully.

1. Skin traction

Skin traction is a simple technique used when anyone wants to repair their soft tissues like muscles, tendons and so on. Skin traction is mostly used after any minor fraction to reduce the pain. This technique has important medical benefits like giving ease while operating on any patient; skin stretch resistance also helps improve skin shape. Vissco Next products have certain health benefits, which are discussed below.

Use cases for Skin Traction:

  • Fractures of the femur, tibia, and humerus

  • Hip dislocations

  • Spinal injuries

Benefits of Skin Traction:

  • Provides temporary stability

  • Reduces muscle pain

  • Facilitates proper bone alignment

2. Arm Pouch 

These Arm pouches are orthopaedic accessories that are designed in such a way that they support the healing process of any joint fracture or any other problem. These are generally used in fracture, post-surgical recovery, and other conditions like tennis elbow. Vissco Next products have certain health benefits, which are discussed below.

Key Features of Arm Pouch:

  • Adjustable straps for a customized fit

  • Soft, padded materials for comfort

  • Available in various designs (sling, shoulder immobilizer)

Advantages of Arm Pouch:

  • Provides support and immobilization

  • Promotes healing and prevents further injury

  • Enhances patient comfort during recovery

Arm Pouch Applications:

  • Fractured arm or elbow

  • Post-surgical movements

  • Tennis elbow 

3. Long Knee Brace

Long Knee Brace is an orthopaedic device which is designed in such a way that it supports the knee joint. These long knee braces are useful after operation and for managing various knee injuries. Vissco Next products have certain health benefits, which are discussed below.

Benefits of Long Knee Brace:

  • Limits excessive movement by reducing the risk of re-injury

  • Helps in recovery

  • Provides comfort and support for patients

Long Knee Brace Uses:

  • Post-knee surgery support

  • Ligament injuries 

  • Patellar dislocations

  • Knee stability issues

Features of Long Knee Brace:

  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit

  • Hinged design for controlled range of motion

  • Lightweight, breathable materials


Orthopaedic care is very important for patients with muscle or skeletal injuries. Techniques like skin traction, arm pouches, and long knee braces are easy ways to relieve pain and live like ordinary people. With the Vissco Next product, everything becomes convenient, easy, and pocket-friendly.

This medical care not only helps in the healing process but also helps the comfort and well-being of patients and helps them regain their mobility and quality of life. However, it is suggested that healthcare professionals choose and implement these orthopaedic devices with precision and expertise to ensure the best possible outcomes for their patients.

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