Linksys Velop App Not Working? Try This!

Linksys Velop’s admin dashboard can be reached using the web interface via myrouter.local/login URL. This can be done using a web browser on a PC that is connected to the Linksys Node’s network. You can also use your smartphone to use the Linksys app to access the admin panel. But what if the app does not work? You can use the troubleshooting hacks given in this article to resolve this problem. This article has been penned down specifically to fix the Linksys Velop app not working problem. Without wasting any further time of yours, let’s get started!

How to Fix Linksys Velop App Not Working Issue?

1.    Update the Linksys Velop App

The app that you are using might be running on the outdated version and hence it stopped working for you. Go to the Play Store or the App Store depending on the OS of your phone. Check for updates. If an update is ready for the Linksys app, then get it installed right away. Let the Velop app get updated to the most recent version and then try to access it. If it does not work even now then try the next hack given ahead.

2.    Reboot your Phone

Maybe there are some updates pending on your mobile phone which is causing the issue at hand. Or some technical glitches can also be responsible for the same. You can get it fixed by rebooting your smartphone. The reboot process varies for different phones. So, restart your phone immediately using the process according to the phone that you own.  Once the phone boots up again, try to launch the Linksys Velop app.

3.    Connect to the Right Network

We hope the phone on which the Linksys Velop app is installed is connected to the Velop Node’s network. This is a mandatory requirement. Go to the WiFi settings of your smartphone and see which network are you connected to right now. If it is not the Linksys device’s network then disconnect from the current WiFi and make sure you are connected to the right network that you are supposed to be connected to.


4.    Power Cycle Linksys Velop

There could be software glitches with your Linksys Velop that are causing the login issues. We recommend you power cycle the Linksys Velop now to eliminate these glitches. So, power down the Linksys Velop and unplug the power cable. Wait for some time now. Plug the power cable once again. Toggle the Power button located on it. The Velop device will turn on now. See if you can access the Linksys Velop login page using the app or not.

5.    Reinstall the App

Looks like there is some serious issue with the Linksys Velop app that stopped it from working. We suggest you delete the app from your phone now. Long tap on the app icon and then uninstall it. After that reboot your phone and again install the app from the Application Store of your phone.

6.    Reset Linksys Velop

When no other hack helped you resolve the issue that you are facing right now then you should reset your Linksys device and restore the factory values on it. This erases the current configuration settings from the device. To reset your Linksys Velop, press and hold the Reset hole using a sharp pointed object for about 10 seconds. As soon as you release the button, the Linksys Velop will be running on the default settings.   

In the End

Now that our Linksys Velop device has the factory settings restored on it, you should set it up once again from the very beginning. You can use any method as per your convenience to complete the setup process. You can use the WPS method or the web interface or the Linksys Velop app to get through the setup task.

Make sure that you are using the correct steps to complete the process. We are very sure that you will no longer be troubled by the issue that you were facing with your Linksys app.

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