5 Laminates Colour Combinations Idea's Trending in 2022


The interior design of your home is quite tricky. It depends on the size, shape, and what you want from the space. There is another thing that we often miss out on, and that is the colour of a room. Often we plan furniture, decoration and even the designs of windows and door curtains, but we misunderstand the concept of colours in the decor.


The colours on the walls might be faded or damaged. Therefore, we need to search for a better substitute that is durable, cost-effective and fashionable at the same time. And guess what? Laminates can match all the criteria. But, lack of knowledge and experience in designing might affect the decoration of any setting.


Multiple colour combinations in the ranges of laminate sheets have become one of the go-to options for them. Hence, modern interior designers emphasise the varieties of colour theories. Here, this article discusses some of the most trending colour combination ideas for laminates.


5 Fantastic Colour Combinations Trending in the Laminates


In surface layers, laminate sheets are popular due to their cost-effectiveness, variety, colour and patterns. Moreover, the varieties of colours in the laminates have made these the number one choice for interior decorators. You must remember that every combination of colours does not apply to every place in your home. To make the look appealing, we need to take the help of stylists and interior designers.


Luxurious light colours


We spend most of our time, especially in the kitchen and bedroom. Therefore, it is important to take care of the look and feel of the places. Some of us want a luxurious look for our bedrooms and kitchen, while others prefer a light and minimal appearance. Modern interior designers also opt for textured laminates. In those cases, light colours like beige, apricot hues, muted neutrals, and others would add a sheen and cozy feel to the rooms.


Classic wooden finish

One of the most common but popular decor themes is a wooden finish. Wooden browns have been considered one of the oldest themes or combinations in interior design. Wooden browns are always popular whether it is furniture or flooring, kitchen cabinets or bedroom wardrobes. On the other hand, places that are prone to rub, scratch and heavy load need high pressure laminates can be used. Moreover, chocolate and mocha laminates have similar impressions when it comes to contemporary interior decor.


Everlasting contrast- Black and white


When you or your interior decor experts are unsure which colour laminates to choose, this combination will be appropriate. Among the minimalistic approaches to interior decoration, contrasting shades of black and white are the best choice. The black and white combination will always win whether it's your living room or a corner of your home bar. The combination will work on the kitchen decors also. This combination can also be used in your wardrobe laminates.


Amazing Blue Hues


Blue is a positive colour. It soothes your visuals and makes everything you see better. It can transform the appearance of your room from a small space to a wider area. With any textured laminate, the colour can set a mood and feel. The colour choices in the blue are abundant, just like water in the sea.


With the variations of blue, the look of your rooms can become modern and contemporary. On the other hand, some shades of blues can add a touch of luxury to the decor. Variations in blue colours like teals, cyans, sky and ocean turn an ordinary room into a place to rejoice.


Shine with bright colours 


When considering different types of laminates, we will definitely think of coloured laminates. Now laminate designs are not restricted to a predefined colour palette. Therefore, you no longer need to ponder the limited options. For example, we used to think that yellow could make everything mellow. But these concepts are old now. Pair the yellow textured laminates with white ones to improve the tones and look of the rooms. The bright coloured laminates, irrespective of their textures, can make the room wider and brighter.


In kitchen decors, bright colours are very trending. In high gloss laminates, brighter colours can improve the look and feel of the room decors.




As colours are the most important factor for the decor themes, it holds power to warmth and elegance in your space. At Royale Touche, you can pick any type of design and colour in the laminates. With the extensive range of surface styling and textures, laminate sheets of Royale Touche have served the customers and their design. You can visit our official websites if you're looking to install laminates in your home or office. You can get many colour combinations in the laminate sheets to revamp your space's look.

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