13 Ways to Spot the Best Woolen Socks for Men


13 Ways to Spot the Best Woolen Socks for Men

Guys, do you want some woolen socks for men this winter season? Well, in that case, read this guide.

I'll take you through how woolen socks can provide warmth, along with boots. So, get ready to warm your feet up for the winter ahead.

Importance of Winter Socks

Your feet will need some socks if you're moving around in freezing temperatures. They might not be as visible as your winter clothes mens. But, they will play a role in your safety during winter.

A good-quality winter sock is excellent for the winter climate. And so, you can't underestimate a good pair of winter socks.

You might pick some lavish boots, but what if you're feet go cold? You've wasted your precious time and effort.

Socks aren't only for those who are out and about. You might feel the chills at home as well. In such times, winter socks are ideal for covering your feet.

And yes, you could wear other layers on your body as usual if you wish. It's always nice to invest in a pair of thick winter socks. As for the fabrics, you should choose some woolen socks for men in winter.

Wool is the most reliable fabric for winter wear. We will have a look at how wool works for socks in winter. It's coming up in the next segment.

Socks for Men: Size Guide

You might pay attention to your winter thermals, clothing, boots, etc., for its sizes. But, woolen socks for men also need suitable sizes. Have you tried to figure out if you're wearing the right-sized sock?

You won't benefit from the pair you buy if you don't focus on getting the correct size. It could leave you with uncomfortable pairs that squeeze your feet. But also, they could be too loose at the heel or the toes.

Sock sizes for men could vary from those for women. So you must pick something that suits your comfort level and feet.

It's essential to note that your sock sizes are based on foot length and not on the shoe size. So, if you come across a label that reads "size 9-11" or "size 36-41", be alert. It refers to the foot length and not the shoe size.

When checking out sock sizes for men, pay attention to the label that reads "US size 10-13". You might usually find men's socks under this label.

If the length falls anywhere between 10-13 inches, pick the corresponding sock size.

You should also confirm what your shoe size would be in US, European, or UK shoe sizes.

The Reaseon to Wear Woolen Socks for Men in Winter

As mentioned, you can trust woolen socks for men in winter. Wool has numerous properties that suit the winter season.

But your winter socks especially could benefit from wool big time! You must look out for them along with your thermals or other winter clothing.

So, let's see why woolen socks for men are best for guys in winter. Here are some reasons to help you figure it out.

1. Wool Has Natural Abilities

This fabric is a natural and renewable type. It's ultra-soft, warm, and comfy.

These are some of your primary winter wear requirements. Hence, guys must buy some woolen socks for men.

Wool helps regulate body temperature. Woolen socks for men also have natural insulating capabilities.

2. It Keeps You Dry

Wool has excellent moisture-wicking abilities. This feature allows your clothes to get rid of moisture from sweat and keep you dry as ever. Here's another essential feature that allows wool to be on your winter wear.

It will prove valuable when you're in chilly winter temperatures. That's when damp clothes are a big risk for your comfort and well-being.

3. Breathability

Wool fibres have immense breathability, odour-resistance, and anti-bacterial properties. You also shouldn't worry about its maintenance. You could follow some simple steps and make it look fresh again.

We'll look at ways to clean your woolen socks for men later.

But these were some factors to consider while buying woolen socks for winter.

How to Pick Woolen Socks for Men

When you want woolen socks for men, there is a criteria you should look to follow. Wool on your socks can be an excellent option for your winter wardrobe. It could be an excellent accessory to your thermals, coats, hoodies, etc

So, here are some quick tips for picking the right woolen socks for men. Let's check them out in this segment.

1. Thickness

As mentioned earlier, thick socks would be fantastic during the winter season. When I say thick, it should still be comfortable enough to put on.

For this, you must pick the best types available. And merino wool is one such popular and effective option.

2. Material

As mentioned, wool is naturally insulating, and moisture-wicking. And, you’ve already read how that’s perfect for your winter wear. Merino wool is a preferred option for its softness, dryness, and breathability.

3. Height

It's all about more foot coverage during the winter season. The length of your socks also plays a part in the best types. Longer woolen socks for men are always preferable. 

You can wear such socks with hiking shoes and normal boots as well. And, of course, you won't regret this decision when the temperatures begin to drop.

4. Fit

A thick woolen sock should fit close to your foot. You will get multiple sizes.

You can also look for additional cushioning and support. It works around the ankles and heels as well.

It comforts your feet for long periods. Ribbing either at the cuff or throughout the length of the ankle gives you a snug fit. This type of fit ensures that your woolen socks for men stay intact. They won't slide down your calf like regular socks.

5. Durability

When you buy your winter socks, you want them to be durable and have other features. Wool is known for its durability. But you must always be double-sure when you buy a pair.

Usually, men would enjoy wearing Merino wool socks in winter. They are as efficient as pure wool. And also, you can blend them with other fabrics as well.

Hence, while investing in woolen socks for men, you'd want the best ones in your wardrobe.

6. Comfort

Comfort plays a vital role in the best woolen socks for men. You want your feet to enjoy stepping out and on the snow. But if you don't get that, you'll not have great times during the season.

Usually, the finer the weave, the softer the sock. Here again, comes a mention for Merino wool. It's a pretty fine material.

But the weave is adjusted across different designs. The thinner wool socks are super soft but fall short on durability.

Thinner socks are usually the luxurious types. Heavier woolen socks for men are great for the outdoors. It's often mixed with synthetic materials, as merino isn't the strongest.

7. Intended Use

Now comes another crucial aspect. You must know where you want to use your woolen socks for men. It applies to winter socks in general too.

Wool socks are highly engineered for specific purposes. You can use them hiking, lounging, or even at the office. Your woolen socks for men could either be technical or for casual use.

Technical wool socks come with extra cushioning and support around the toes, heel, and sole. It ensures durability and prevents blisters.

These would suit hikers but might be too heavyweight for everyday or formal wear.

The Features to Look At in Woolen Socks for Men

You might glance at many types of socks while buying them for winter. But, there are some features in the construction which you must consider.

There are some fundamental details mentioned below. You could look out r enquire about them while shopping.

1.The Reinforced Toe and Heel

A to-quality sock should always have the toe and heel reinforced. It increases the resistance to wear due to daily use and repeated washings. 

2. The Flat Toe Seam

The seam that closes the sock's toe must be flat and almost invisible to the touch.

It decreases the rubbing sensation while walking. It also makes your movements more comfortable. 

3. The Reinforced Heel

In your high-heel socks, the reinforcement of the heel isn't enough. It should continue up to the ankle. It allows resistance against the rubbing of the shoes. It's a minute valuable detail that only the best socks have!

Look out for these elements in your winter, as well as woolen socks for men.

How to Wash Woolen Socks for Men

Your woolen socks for men will help in keeping your feet warm. But you must take good care of them too.

So here are steps you could follow to get that done.

  • Step 1: Fill Water in a Bucket

You can easily hand-wash your woolen socks for men. First, take a bucket and fill some water into it. A mild detergent is the best one for woolen socks.

Next, add two teas spoons of that mild detergent to this water and mix it well. But don't use hot water to wash your wool socks. It can cause the fibres to shrink, and the colours might fade away. 

  • Step 2: It’s Time to Scrub

Now, you need to scrub your woolen socks for men. Please put them in a soapy solution and let them be for 5 minutes. You should gently scrub them in the process. You could use a toothbrush to clean any stains.

  • Step 3: Let It Soak for Some Time

Once you're done with these two steps, soak your woolen socks for men. Place them in a soapy solution and let them soak for 15-20 minutes.

  • Step 4: Rinse Your Socks

After you remove your socks from the bucket, rinse them under a tap. You could also use another bucket with clean water until all the detergent is washed away.

  • Step 5: Let Them Dry Up

Use your hands to squeeze out the wate after washing gently. Then, take a towel and wrap your socks into it.

Gently press it down to allow the towel to soak up the water. Finally, place your woollen socks on a flat surface to dry naturally.

These were some simple steps for you to wash woolen socks for men.

5 Ways to Warm Your Feet Up in Winter

In those extremely cold temperatures, you need warm feet at all times. Apart from woolen socks for men, you could use other techniques too.

You must think about your feet and toes along with the rest of your body. So how do you keep your feet warm and protected during wintertime? Here are some handy tips. 

1. Appropriate Boots 

Your winter shoes should provide an outer layer of protection against moisture. Along with that, your feet should feel the warmth throughout. Hence, you should wear breathable, waterproof boots that allow moisture to escape.

Don't get carried away with fashionable pairs if they're not functional.

Also, check them at regular intervals to ensure that they're in good shape. It's essential because no water or snow should seep through. Just like clothing, damp feet aren't the best thing about winter.

3.Warm Innersoles

You lose heat faster by standing on cold surfaces. Here's where you may try woollen innersoles. Adding thicker or additional innersoles will add an additional layer between the shoes and your feet.

Along with that, it will also give you comfort and reduce unpleasant odors.

4. Stay Active

You must stay active throughout when you're facing the cold. You will need to give your feet that warmth if you feel the chills creeping in. You could go for walks, runs, etc. but ensure that you and your feet are always active.

It's always great to indulge in intense physical activity. It increases the blood flow to your extremities and eventually boosts your body temperature.

Plus, it energizes and keeps you excited for the day. What more benefits do you need?

5. Dry Up Your Boots Between Two Uses

Once you get home post a tiring day, immediately remove your boots and leave them to dry. You might need them the next day too.

You could use scrunched-up newspaper. After all, your feet will get cold much faster if there's moisture left in your shoes.

But whatever you do, don't leave them at a heat source or face the consequences.

If your boots get dirty during the day, clean them immediately to avoid lasting stains. You can spray them beforehand with a suitable shoe protector.

The protector will make them stain-repellent and waterproof for a couple of months.

So here's how you can keep your feet warm in winter. Remember these points when you're out to face the cold. All your fashionable winter clothes mens will fall flat if your feet turn cold.


So, I hope you've got an idea about the value of sock in winter. On top of that, having wool in your socks collection is fantastic.

Apart from your winter clothes mens, socks are an essential piece of footwear too.

So guys, you must invest in woolen socks for men this winter. Your feet need the warmth and comfort that comes with wool.

This post was written by Kosha team member - Shawn Mathias

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