How can I improve my internet connection in a dead spot?


Today, we're going to attempt to remedy something that irritates many people from time to time: WiFi dead spots. While many people complain that their video chats are cut off as they move away from their connection, others report feeling humiliated when their claim that their WiFi covers the whole home is debunked. Whether you have WiFi dead spots or not, and whether you use xfinity internet services or those of another provider, one thing is certain: you do not deserve the trouble or shame. To assist with this cause, we discovered the many causes of WiFi dead zones and presented remedies in this article.

Reposition Your Router

The most prevalent cause of a dead spot is incorrect router placement. If your WiFi is in a distant part of the home and there is a dead spot in the other corner, the dead spot is clearly caused by the distance from the router. Picking up your router from the corner and moving it to a more central spot, possibly smack dab in the center of the building, will quickly improve the problem.

Antenna Adjustment

If your router is already in the middle of the home and you are certain that its placement is not creating the dead area, the next thing you should look at is the angle of your router's antenna. It must be upright in order for its signals to be readily delivered in all directions. If your antenna is currently standing erect, replacing it with a more powerful antenna may be the best option. However, before you spend money on another thing, consider the following advice.

Remove any impediments.

Not only must you set the antenna so that its signals are flawlessly sent in all directions, but you must also arrange the items surrounding your router so that no signal is obstructed. Nothing too thick should come in contact with your router. Routers are often obstructed by the following:

• Glasses

• Ceilings

• Cabinets

• Metals

• Mirrors

• Solid Walls

Remove Interferences

In addition to the obstacles stated above, any devices that use the same frequency as your WiFi might degrade the quality of your coverage. Interference-causing devices include:

• Bluetooth Technology

• Wireless Child Monitors

• Cordless phones

• Microwaves

If you detect that a gadget is interfering with your WiFi, you may try relocating it away from your router. If that fails, it may be worthwhile to have that device replaced with one of a different frequency. However, just as you would replace antennas to increase signal quality, you should only spend money on replacing possible interference after you have exhausted all of the suggestions in this article.

Wisely Select Your WiFi Channel

Internet service providers (ISPs) allow you to choose from a variety of wireless channels. If you notice that your signal is not strong in all areas of your home, it might be because you are connected to an extremely busy channel. The obvious option would be to change to a less busy channel.

Purchase A Wireless Repeater

As the name implies, a wireless repeater rebroadcasts the existing signal from a wireless router and establishes a second network. As a result, if you have a dead spot at your location, installing a wireless repeater near it is a potential option. In big places, such as office buildings, wireless repeaters are often employed.

Use Ethernet Cables to Connect

To be honest, not everyone has the means to purchase a wireless repeater. However, investing in Ethernet connections might be a cheaper solution. These cables are available in lengths of up to a hundred meters, so you won't have to worry about being too far away from your routers. Because not all internet cables offer high-speed internet, ensure sure the one you pick is not only long enough but also fast enough for your requirements. You may simply get it on Amazon and have it delivered quickly.

Make use of Powerline Adapters.

Let's face it: having Ethernet connections strewn around your rooms preventing you from shutting doors isn't ideal. Power line adapters may be a much better solution if you can afford them. Powerline adapters use your home's electrical wiring to connect your computer to the internet. Simply install one adapter in the router's room and the other near the dead area.


We hope this article has assisted you in determining the reasons for the existence of a dead spot at your location. Along with that, we hope that at least one of the solutions we presented is useful to you. Best wishes for 2022!

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