Is Not Working? What Can I Do?

Netgear router login


If is not working for you, then why don’t you use Netgear router IP i.e. for login?

“I have tried using, but it is also not working for me”!

No worries! We have got your back! In this post, you will get to know everything that to fix the and not working issue.

So, without much delay, please continue to read!

Router IP and Not Working

The Fixes

Note: Can we provide you the basic fixes first?


The Basic Fixes

Fix 1: Is the Netgear router connected to your existing modem?

“No, is it really important?”

Yes! How can you make the IP and the web address working for you if your devices aren’t connected to each other?

“Ok, got that!”

Use an Ethernet cable to connect them!

“Sure and what after that?”

Fix 2: Wait till the LEDs on your devices (router and modem) to become stable.

“Oh! I have proceeded with blinking LEDs. Maybe that’s why I was getting the issue!”

Yes, maybe! Look, these basic fixes are ignored by 99% of the users. They do not pay attention towards them. But, we don’t want this to happen and that is why, we start with the basic fixes first.

“Thank you so much! I am really grateful!”

Fix 3: The web browser version! Please update it!

“I haven’t updated my browser version till now!”

Then, do it now! This is one of the most important fixes to troubleshoot IP and not working issue.

“And what if I get the same issue even after updating the internet browser?”

Fix 4: Clear the browser’s cache and browsing history.

“That’s it!”

Fix 6: Try to access the web or the IP address by using another internet browser.

“No, still no luck! Getting the same error!”

The Advanced Fixes

How many tabs are opened or pinned on your internet browser?

“None! I mean, I have opened only one tab which I am using to access Netgear router IP and web address.

Have you cross-checked them after entering?

“No, is it important?”

Fix 1: Yes, it is very much important! Chances are that you are committing typing errors with the Netgear router IP and web address, and due to that you are unable to access them.

“So, how can I prevent this from happening?”

Fix 2: Either check them twice or copy-paste Netgear router IP, and web address from here.

Fix 3: Are you using the search bar for entering Netgear router IP, and web address?


Got you! Now, you got the reason why you are getting and not working issue.

Using the search for entering the web address and the IP address will never let them work. And apart from this, the search bar will surely redirect you to some other (unknown) website instead of setup page.

“Oh! That will be a disaster!”

Yes, a very big disaster!

“So, what can I do to prevent this?”

Fix 4: Use the browser’s URL bar!

“These are the mistakes that I was committing! And, maybe due to such mistakes, I was again and again getting the same issue, till now!”

No Issues! Now, you can apply these fixes and get rid of the issue whenever you get them in future as well.

“In future also!”

Yes, these are the issues that might trouble you further! So, it’s better to keep the fixes in hand always.

“Ok, I will save this post and surely share with whosoever needs help regarding the same.”

Before we end this article, we would like to provide you a bonus tip.

Scroll down a little to know it!

The Bonus Tip

The default Netgear router login username and password to reach the Netgear Genie setup wizard (for configuration and firmware update instructions) can be easily found in the manual.

We hope you have it.

“Yes, I do!”

We personally suggest you to change them. Doing so will prevent unauthorized access. It will also keep intruders at bay who always try to hack others WiFi and steal important information.

“Thank you for this valuable information! I will surely change the default Netgear router login credentials.

Wish you good luck!

“Wish you the same for you!”

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