How to Recover Rockspace Extender WiFi Password?


rock space wifi extender

With so many distractions, people keep forgetting things all the time. Amid all such forgetful events, WiFi passwords are mostly forgotten. Hence, people face difficulties in accessing their Rockspace extenders. So, you should know how to recover the forgotten WiFi password for your Rock Space WiFi extender.

With that said, let’s get through the below-mentioned points to know how to recover your WiFi password. Make sure you go through each point to understand the right procedure. Without further delay, let’s get started. Keep reading.

Steps to Recover Forgotten Extender WiFi Password

Set Rockspace Extender

Begin with setting up your Rockspace range extender. Plug it into a wall socket and turn on the power switch. In case your extender has a start button, you should press it. Wait for the LED lights to turn on and get stable. Make sure the electric current is stable and consistent.

Connect With Host Router

To access the Rockspace extender dashboard, you should connect it to the host router. So, get a hang of the Ethernet cable to form a wired connection between the devices. Furthermore, you can also connect them wirelessly. While doing so, you should bring the devices closer to each other. You should confirm that both the devices share a stable connection.

Choose the Ideal Location

The Rockspace extender should radiate WiFi signals freely. For that, you need to place the extender in the ideal location. Hence, keep the Rockspace extender in the central location. Apart from that, you should avoid placing the extender in front of a window. Moreover, avoid electrical appliances, metal objects, reflexive surfaces, and cabinets while placing the Rockspace extender.

Turn on Computer

In the next step, you need to have a computer or a laptop. The computer should have the latest software to support the official Rockspace extender web address. Hence, connect your computer to a power source. Moreover, the electric current must be consistent. So, check that the computer stays awake throughout the whole process.

Open Web Browser

When you have a seamlessly running computer or laptop, open a web browser. However, you need to be careful choosing the web browser. At first, it should be compatible with the web browser of your system. Secondly, it should have the latest version. When all these criteria are fulfilled, enter http //re.rockspace.local in the address bar of the web browser. Make sure you do not make any typing mistakes while entering the data.

Log into the Extender

Press the Enter key after typing the web address in the address bar. You will be directed to the extender login page. Thus, you need to do the extender login. Keep your login username and password by your side. In case you have no idea about your login credentials, refer to the user manual. Furthermore, do not commit any mistakes while logging into your extender.

Open Wireless Settings

Get access to the Wireless Settings of the Rockspace extender after logging into the range extender. Thus, look out for WiFi Passwords options on the extender dashboard. To recover the password, press the eye icon located just by the password space. Checking it will make the password visible.

Save Settings

Make sure you change the password visibility settings for both the WiFi channels. After you are done changing the settings, make sure you save them. In case you are asked to restart the extender, make sure you do that. That is going to save the settings of the extender.


Following the steps given above will help you restore the forgotten Rockspace extender WiFi password. Make sure you write it down somewhere to avoid following similar steps in the future. Thus, you can easily connect to the internet and have the best experience.

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