Top 8 Products to sell on Amazon that require no investment

Dreaming of opening an online business on Amazon and pulling out your empty pockets is the most dashing night thoughts you could ever have. Waking up sweats and scares with a stampede of heartbeats is like a near-death heart attack experience. Relax, hold back and read on. We promise there is no lullaby singing here to make you nestle back in the blanket. Instead, we got some excellent ways to earn money on Amazon without spending a buck.

In addition, you can earn enough cash to deposit some of it in your bank accounts if your pockets get an overwhelming returns response. First and foremost, it’s your mind that’s going to show you the right direction. So, we recommend you begin with what your heart and brains tell you to do. Believe in yourself and the talents that God has bestowed upon you. Besides, how could you become a professional seller on Amazon if you don’t have a convincing composure, right?!

Sure, you can talk to an Amazon consultant for a few first steps. Then, it’s all up to you and your sixth sense. It’s your ship to control to get to the prosperity island safely without a scratch, but treasures of cash. Below is the map containing routes (non-investment Amazon products) you can cling on to confront the waves (your rivals). Start skimming against the unfathomable sea storms. Go, go, go!

1. DIY products

Handmade products are a great investment. Remember, all it requires is your skills and ability to pull off a worthy Amazon product. It could be anything people would love to buy — gift cards, DIY puppets, home décor showpieces, kids’ toys, etc. Yes, you can hire an Amazon store setup specialist to help you set the tables on Amazon to sell your stuff.

2. Your authored eBooks on Kindle Direct Publishing

Anyone smart enough to know how to use their writing skills to earn cash will take this advice in a snap. Besides, using Amazon’s subsidiary, KDP, to write your eBooks already wins you the favor of Bezo’s company. Expect big money, royalties, sponsorships, and more.

3. Flea market/thrift store items

Buy a bag full of second-hand stuff to sell on Amazon. Earning almost double or triple what you paid for is a great feeling, right? Make sure you pick items that don’t look as old as they are. Clothes, jewelry, bags, lamps, kids’ toys, books, frames, and antiques of all kinds will attract a lot of collectors on Amazon.

4. Amazon affiliate marketing

Earn cash with your effective marketing skills. Therefore, run advertisements for your friends’ products or contact third parties to help them promote their brands successfully. All you require is your communicative skills to persuasively convey Amazon’s brand virtues and product features.

5. Homemade edibles

Anything you cook or your mom cooks,’ you can sell it on Amazon. Of course, these need to have months or years of shelf life. You cannot expect to sell pasta, pie, or lasagne fresh out of the oven. Instead of picking dinner appetites, open kitchen dividers to sell homemade pickles, jams, peanut butter, etc. 

6. Weekly yard sale treasures

You can sell stuff lying on the neighborhood’s resident house yards comparable to the flea market and thrift store items. Besides, weekly sales items cost nominal yet have high-quality products you can put your hands on.

7. Start Amazon dropshipping

Unlike Amazon’s FBA program, where you need to move items in bulk to warehouses, you’re on a pizza delivery mission. Yes, you heard it right. All you have to do is pick a parcel from your client’s place and ship it to their designated location. 

8. Become an Amazon consultant

Befriending experts and acquainting yourself with Bezo’s eCommerce platform is a great idea to earn decent cash. Besides, nothing feels better than guiding people lost track to become good sellers on Amazon.

To conclude, the ubiquitous money-making nature of Amazon is endless. It’s the ocean of profound possibilities to earn huge profits. So, it’s up to you to find your inner strength of capitalizing on each cascading wave careering with cashing opportunities. However, the above list is enough to generate revenues with little or no investments. But still, the real showdown begins when you believe in yourself. Just kidding, but we’re motivating you to come up with larger-than-life product ideas for selling on Amazon. Even better than the ones mentioned above. Adios!

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