An Introduction To The Annual Blooms Of India

India is a nation of colours; everywhere you look, you'll discover vibrant beauty that will mesmerise you! Some of the hues are inspired by the unique flora that surrounds us; India is surrounded by some magnificently attractive flooring plants that captivate visitors! The flowering blooms give off a distinct and elegant aura that is difficult to ignore. These gorgeous flowers are enough to make anyone grin, and the good news is that you can keep that smile on your lips all year long since some floral buds grow all year long, all throughout the country. Order flowers online and add life to your garden. 


These blooms are difficult to overlook since they are so appealing. These flowers have a tail-like core and are commonly found in deep red colours, although they can exist in yellow, pink, and other colours.


This flower's botanical name is Adenium obesum, and it's known for its vibrant hues. The desert rose is another name for this flower, which may be cultivated both indoors and outdoors.


One of the most vibrant flowers you'll ever see is verbena! They come in a variety of colours, including red, pink, yellow, blue, lavender, and even white! These wildflowers may grow up to 6 feet tall if observed in the wild.


Plumeria is India's most popular garden flower. You've probably seen it and now you know what it's called! This flower is prized for its enchanting scent and lovely hues.

Cranesbill Geranium

Hardy geraniums are a kind of geranium that is exceptionally easy to care for. The nicest aspect about these flowers is their colours and patterns. They're very lovely, with a light pink centre, periwinkle blue petals, and black stripes!


In gardens, these little blossoms are easy to detect. Despite the fact that the plant is largely native to South America, it thrives in the Indian environment. There are around 18 species of these flowers, which grow as shrubs, vines, and sometimes tiny trees.


When it comes to flowers that bloom all year in India, the South Indian beauty known as Crossandra is a must-see. Because they come in brilliant hues like red and yellow, these fierce-looking blooms are also known as firecracker flowers. If you pay attention to the soil, you can easily cultivate these plants.


Roses require no introduction; for as long as we can remember, these wonderful blossoms have been a part of all of our love tales. Now you may send a rose online or cultivate one because these lovely buds are well-adapted to the Indian climate. Send roses online to your special person and make them feel special. 


Are you perplexed by the name? Well, this plant originated in Peru, where it was planted for its scent and occasionally for food. This trumpet-shaped flower is quite easy to grow and has a lovely scent.

Canna Lilly

These blooms have the appearance of Iris blossoms and are quite resilient. Unlike lilies, they can withstand very hard weather conditions because they are tropical blooms.


Ixora, the typical adorable flowering flower, comes in third on our list of all-year blooming flowers. Apart from the fact that it blooms all year, Ixora is popular in home gardens since it is easy to maintain. Furthermore, the flower is found in over 500 different species all over the planet. The plant's scientific name is Ixora Coccinea.


Before we go any further, we'd want to emphasise the name of this gorgeous flowering plant, Kalanchoe. Flowers, as vibrant and distinct as their names suggest, are also one-of-a-kind. The cuteness of the little petals, along with the vivid colours, creates a beautiful atmosphere. Kalanchoe is a plant that is native to Madagascar and tropical Africa, yet it is adored by everyone since it blooms all year.


From afar, these blooms appear charming and ornamental, but when you go closer, you'll see why they're called Snapdragons. The flowers' faces are reminiscent of dragons'. Antirrhinum and dragon blossoms are other names for snapdragons. They're also known as group flowers since they grow and bloom in a cluster at the plant's uppermost point.

Golden Trumpet

Because of the flower's trumpet-like facial opening, the term trumpet is added to the name. The golden trumpet is a perennial flower that blooms all year. This all-year flowering plant is used to destroy germs and relieve swellings, in addition to its lovely beauty. Allamanda cathartica is the scientific name for this plant, which is native to Brazil.

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