A Pooja Mandir That You Must Have at Your Home

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, a Pooja mandir is essential to the overall health of your home. You can build a custom mandir or buy one already made. The only thing you need is a space that is at least 16 inches deep. Depending on your budget, you can use a premade pooja mandir or buy one that is custom made for your home.

Ideally, a mandir should be located in a room with two doors, one facing the north and the other facing the east. The room should have good ventilation. The pooja unit should be placed in a sunny area with plenty of natural light. The location should be on the north side of the house, so that it does not get overly hot during the summer or too cold during winter.

Should be on the north side

In the living room, a mandir is a great way to keep your idols safe and out of sight. While a traditional home temple is a must for the home, a mandir in the living room or kitchen is also a good option. If you don't have a dedicated pooja room, you can place the mandir in the northeast corner of your home. For the kitchen, you should place the mandir in the north-east corner. However, it is advisable not to place it in your bedroom because your feet should not point towards the mandir while sleeping.

If you live in a smaller house, you may not have the luxury of a separate pooja room. You can place a mandir on the first floor of your home or in the kitchen, provided it is in a location that receives lots of natural light and is in a north-east direction. Make sure that it is not placed in your bedroom if you do not want it to be visible to everyone who walks by.

A mandir can be a useful piece of furniture in your home.

 It is used to worship and is often decorated with flowers and candles. You can also place a mandir in your kitchen or living room. It is important that the pooja mandir is placed in a room with a north-east orientation. A mandir that faces north-east is best if it is located in a northeastern direction. This is because your foot is facing the mandir when you sleep.

A mandir should be placed in a room that has an open space for prayer. 

The mandir should be placed in the northeast corner of the home. Do not place it in the bedroom, as your feet should be facing the mandir while you sleep. A good place to put a pooja room is in the kitchen. If you live in a smaller house, you can place a small mandir in the living room.

The location of a mandir should be chosen carefully.

 If you are planning to install a large mandir, it is best to place it in the northeast corner of the room. Ideally, the north-east wall of the room should face the east wall of your home. The south-east wall should be avoided. A small mandir can be turned into a modern room. To add a modern look, you can also place a pooja unit in the living room.

A mandir in your home is a sacred space. 

You should make it an auspicious place for worship. Its location should be in the east-west direction. The right placement of the mandir in a house can bring good health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness to the home. You should also ensure that the room is facing the east-west direction to avoid attracting negative energy.


If you have a home that is considered to be inauspicious, you should place a mandir in the basement instead. A basement is considered to be an inauspicious location for a puja room. If you live in an apartment, your mandir should not face the east wall. A north-east-facing window is the best location. The entrance should be oriented towards the north-east corner of the room.

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